Published: 2 Oct 2013.
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Performance evaluation is one of the main functions of the management system,
particularly management. The evaluation relates to individual performance and management
for career development and organizational growth. Performance evaluation associated with
PDAM is benchmark to observe the regional company's contribution particularly that the
company performance indicated how far it goes. The way is through the establishment of
BUMD or Perusda. It becomes a trend in various regions. Some of them apply the name, and
others use other similar name. Perusda establishment or BUMD refers to the constitution
number 32 of 2004 about regional autonomy along with the based local regulation.
Notice that the performance of BUMD for the economy in the area is very interesting
discourse to be studied more deeply, especially in regional autonomy era presently which
demands enhancement performance of local government in order to be able to sustain the
independence of the region and to improve the welfare of society without depending support
from central government. The existence of BUMD at this time whether they can be expected
to notice at the empirical data on prevalent development. Because of relying on equity
budget, moreover PDAM in a particular area especially in Jepara should be matched on profit
orientation, however it should be more oriented on quality service, and it is able to provide
high quality water that meets health requirements.
The research uses a qualitative descriptive approach, to describe a phenomenon that
occurs, and is intended to describe in detail the findings in the field. In collecting the data, the
writer applies qualitative method through indepth-interview. There is a way how to choose
informants by using purposive or intentionally chosen for requesting information on people
who have been interviewed or contacted before, and so on until the information considered
So basically the performance evaluation and the performance appraisal indeed have
criteria in the evaluation or assessment of an activity, as proposed by William N Dunn:
observing to the indicators including: all the indicators are intended to discover a description
of the performance evaluation.

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