Received: 1 Oct 2013; Published: 2 Oct 2013.
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Tourism is a service industry that is used as one of the drivers of the economy in the
world. Tourism is a rapidly growing industry in the world. In Indonesia, tourism is a
third country foreign exchange earner after oil and textiles. Jepara regency has potential
has yet to be optimized until now, the potential for tourism. Jepara regency is one of the
few areas that have become a tourist attraction and one of the tourist destinations in
Central Java Province. That intersect with the existence of Jepara Java Sea make this
district has a natural charm beautiful beaches. In this regard it is necessary to know the
strategy of Tourism and Culture of Jepara in its efforts to develop the tourism sector of
the region and know the obstacles of Tourism and Culture of Jepara in improving the
tourism sector.
Methods This study is a descriptive study with a qualitative design. This study
describes the tourism marketing strategy in Jepara regency. Many existing attractions

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