Received: 1 Oct 2013; Published: 2 Oct 2013.
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Poor scholarship program (BSM-SMA/SMK) originated from one of the
educational problems faced by Indonesian nation is still high dropout rates and the
low participation of the poor to education. The purpose of this program is to help
students from poor families to obtain educational services, as well as to lower the
dropout rate. The purpose of this study is to investigate the implementation of the
program in SMK Asshodiqiyah BSM-SMA/SMK Semarang and to investigate the
impact of the program. This type of research is a descriptive study. The research
method used was qualitative. Informant retrieval technique using purposive
sampling technique. Data collection techniques used were interviews and
document research penilitian Results showed that: (1) The implementation is done
in accordance with the provisions contained in the program guidelines issued by
Kemendikbud BSM-SMA/SMK. However BSM-SMA/SMK program
implementation in the city, especially in vocational Asshodiqiyah can not be said
to be successful because the fund has not been able to improve access to education
for the poor. Besides these schools still like to hold such levies building fees,
tuition, books peket Lessons with a number of very burdensome parents of
students who come from my family can not afford to acquire education akase. (2)
The purpose of this program is to help the poor gain access to education services,
but the benefits or impact of the program can not be fully felt by the parents of
students rec

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