Published: 31 Jul 2013.
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In reaching the whole system of democratic government, Indonesia has
undertaken the process of democratization (the transition, consolidation, and maturing
political culture community). This background has been made in this study. Problems
that arise: How do students' perceptions of the Faculty of Social UNDIP about
democratization in Indonesia?
The purpose of this study was to describe the perceptions of students FISIP
UNDIP about democratization in Indonesia. The data was collected through
questionnaires with a population of as many as 3083 students of Faculty of Social
UNDIP and total sample of 100 students of Faculty of Social UNDIP. This type of
research is descriptive quantitative research.
The analysis showed that the democratic system is in conformity with the
system of government in Indonesia. College students who are part of the public have
confidence that the ongoing democratization in Indonesia has done well but not
convinced that democratization in Indonesia (with the implementation of the
transition and consolidation) have been able to improve the socio-economic
conditions of society and makes government of Indonesia to be better.
Recommendations from this study are (i) For the government: provide early
education about the system politic, providing open space for society, more transparent
and accountable in the implementation of the system of government. (ii) For the
community: makes democracy as a way of life that guides the livelihood of the
nation, more caring and actively participate in the political system in Indonesia. (iii)
For college students: waged back the fighting spirit in defending the fate of nations,
revive its role as an Agent of Change to give change for the people and government
of Indonesia (by not doing harm to others).
Keywords: Perseption, Democratization and College Student

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