Pola Rekrutmen Pemilihan Calon Anggota Legislatif oleh Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (Pdi Perjuangan) Menjelang Pemilu 2014 di Kota Semarang

Published: 31 Jul 2013.
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Indonesian political parties are institutions that considered an institution with
modern democratic system. Therefore, political parties are obliged to conduct
recruitment for Legislative Candidates, mostly party cadres that would be placed in
Parliament. Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (PDI Perjuangan) prior to the
election of 2014 has a policy of recruiting Candidate Legislatif through a mechanisme
and more rigorous process according to Letter of Decree No.: 061 / TAP / DPP / III /
2013. Thus, it can be expected to form best representatives in 2014 election, at any
level of national Parliament, Provincial and City / District.
This study aims to determine the pattern of recruitment conducted by PDI
Perjuangan in Semarang. The method used in this study is qualitative method. The
data is collected by in-depth interview to several representative in formants and
documentation. Analyzes of the data based on the interview.
The result showsd that the recruitment pattern of legislative candidate for
2014 election conducted by the DPC PDI Perjuangan Semarang was bya on orders
DPP. Based on party rules that have been listed in the Letter of Decree No: 061 / TAP
/ DPP / III / 2013. The regulation stated that the recruitment pattern of legislative
candidates must go through the process of registration, networking, administration
test (psychological, and understanding of party ideology), screening as well as
It can be concluded, that the members of legislative candidates must follow
the rules of the party in the recruitment process. Start of the registration process,
networking and filtering. While the constraints experienced by DPC PDI Perjuangan
in recruiting members of the legislature are in the process of screening for a
discussion of this process is difficult for the parties to determine the names of the
candidates according to the criteria of the party.
Keywords: Party Regulation, Registration, Networking, Filtering, Determination

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