Relasi Bisnis dan Politik : Studi Peran Keluarga “Dewi Sri” Dalam Memengaruhi Kebijakan Pemerintah Kabupaten Brebes 2017 – 2022

Published: 17 Jun 2020.
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Since the election of the Regional Head was held directly, there were many circles
businessman or family of entrepreneurs who have joined in enlivening the electoral competition
the direct. In central Java, Brebes Regency is one of the regions that is
The Regent is from a businessman family. Is the Regent who comes from a family
Does the entrepreneur cause a conflict of interest? Is the businessman family not
trying to influence policies in the regions that will benefit his business? Research
This aims to find out and describe the influence of the family for the Regent
come from a family environment.
This research uses descriptive qualitative research method with approach
case study. Researchers obtain research data through primary sources conducted with
using interview and observation methods and secondary data obtained through
collecting data from documents and report data from related agencies.
The results of this study show that the role of the "Dewi Sri" family in influencing
Brebes Regency Government policy is no longer dominant. Idza Priyanti's husband is on
at the beginning of his leadership period as Regent of Brebes his dominance was very visible
the policy made by Idza Priyanti does not currently show any
intervention in the policy made. This is because Idza Priyanti has been a long time
coveted by the Corruption Eradication Commission due to many policies made
are collusive and nepotistic that benefit himself or his family. other than that
the principles of good governance were also carried out in the period of the Idza Priyanti Government
at present, so practices such as policy interventions are carried out by her husband
itself does not happen again.
Keyword: The role of the family "Dewi Sri", Influencing Policy

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