Analisis Keterpilihan Sabilillah Ardie Dalam Seleksi Calon Wakil Bupati Dari Partai PKB Pada Pemilihan Kepala Daerah (PILKADA) 2018 Di Kabupaten Tegal

Published: 2 Apr 2020.
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The change of formation that occurs in candidate pair number 3 in the 2018 regional
head election in Tegal Regency is a form of necessity. This change of formation occurred
after the incumbent candidate Entus Susmono died 47 days before polling day. The
replacement has been regulated in KPU regulation No. 3 of 2017 so that one of the efforts
made by the bearer party then is to recruit a replacement candidate with a maximum time
limit of 7x24 hours or 7 days from the death of one of the candidates. This is interesting to
study because cases of permanent absence due to death are very rare, so it is necessary to
look at how the bearer party chooses to replace the candidate. The purpose of this study is to
provide recommendations in the form of political studies to political parties regarding local
This study uses a qualitative method. This method aims to explore and understand the
situation that occurs so as to get an answer and produce descriptive data accurately. Data
collection techniques used were interviews and document review. Informants in this study
were the Chairperson of the Tegal Regency DPC PKB, the Chairperson of the Tegal Regency
DPC PKB Shura Council, the Chairperson of the candidate pair winning team number 3, the
elected Vice Regent Sabilillah Ardie, the Chairperson of the Tegal Regency KPU, and the
Chairperson of the Tegal Regency PCNU.
The results of this study indicate that the election of Sabilillah Ardie as a candidate
for Vice Regent after the death of Entus Susmono was carried out by the bearer party by
looking at various considerations, including political considerations, economic
considerations and social considerations. The recruitment process carried out by the bearer
party in this case the PKB party in selecting candidates for vice regent candidates is to use a
closed model through rational choice of these considerations.
The recommendation given is in the form of advice to the supporting party, namely
PKB in the future is expected to be able to expand supporters from various elements of
society, bearing in mind that currently the strong supporters of the Tegal Regency PKB are
considered to only come from Nahdiyin which is sheltered by the Tegal Regency PCNU, and
then the role of political parties in party cadre, it is expected to be able to produce the best
cadre members so that in the future the party will no longer find it difficult to find a
replacement candidate if unable to keep up.

Keywords: Substitution of Candidates for Deputy Regent, PKB, Election of Regional Head

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