Dinamika Konflik Internal Kadipaten Pakualaman Di Tengah Isu Keistimewaan Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

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The title of this thesis is Dynamics of Internal Conflict in the Duchy Pakualaman on
the Yogyakarta Privileges Issues. This background of research for the phenomenon of a conflict
in one of the most influential indigenous units in Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) where is
the passing of the debate on the status of the privilege in Yogyakarta. Kadipaten Pakualaman
as one of the most influential, suffered internal divisions due to differences in views on the
Privileges Yogyakarta and the struggle for the throne as Paku Alam IX.
Based on the above formulation of this study aims to determine the Dynamics of
Internal Conflict Kadipaten Pakulaman at the same time of the passing of the DIY Privileges
issues the enactment of Law No.13/2012 about Privileges DIY where is sets Sultan and Paku
Alam Hamengkubuwono as a regional head in DIY. However, the conflict in which the king
twin is more complex at Paku Alam are not only fighting over the throne but also the position
of the deputy governor of DIY.
The formulation of the problem posed in this research is "How does that happen on
Dynamics of Internal Conflict in the Kadipaten Pakualaman as a result of KPH Anglingkusumo
disobedience attitude and underlying factors such insubordination in 2012".
The Authors in conducting this study is used descriptive analytic methods and
techniques of data taken is collect documentation and interview. Data processing also used an
Interaktive model methods.
The results of this research, were made known the conflict occurs because of a
succession of Paku Alam who didn’t go smoothly in 1999, the distrust factors between the
internal relatives in the Kadipaten Pakualaman Castle, indications of the intervention of outside
parties into the conflict to influence issues of privilege and the motive power of the rebellion
Keywords: Privilege, Internal Conflict, Disobedience
Keywords: Privilege; Internal Conflict; Disobedience

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