Analisis Kemitraan Dalam Pengelolaan Desa Wisata Kandri Kecamatan Gunungpati Kota Semarang

Published: 4 Jul 2017.
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Kandri, in Gunungpati subdistrict, is one of the the three village, that was
decided as the tour villages, as stated in the decree of Semarang Mayor in 2012. The
establishment of the Kandri tour village is aimed to improve the potency of people in
Kandri to create the economic independence through tourism sector. This research is
aimed to analyze the parthnership in the management of the Kandri tour village in
Gunungpati subdistrict.
The research method used is a qualitative approach, and the data collection
techniques used are documentation, observation and interview. The source of the research
are Department of culture and tourism of Semarang, Kandri village, Pandanaran and
Sukomakmur tourism awareness group and people in Kandri.
The result of the research shows that the Pandanaran tourism awareness group is
the one which has responsibility of the managemanet of the tour village. It is the actor
which has the center role in creating the improvement of the Kandri tour village. All the
involved elements have done their duty and function well so that the people gain the benefit
directly and indirectly. The partnership in Kandri tour village is a psudeo parthnership that
is appropriate to the condition in the village. Yet, the parthnership is usual and not
sustainable. Most of the partnership is done through CSR given by the private institution to
the people in Kandri through group of torism awareness. It also involves the government,
acadmy and society.
Keywords : Tour village, management, parthnership

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