Upaya Pemerintah Untuk Mewujudkan Kesetaraan Kemandirian Dan Kesejahteraan Difabel Di Kabupaten Klaten ( Implementasi Peraturan Daerah Kabupaten Klaten No. 2 Tahun 2011 Tentang Kesetaraan Kemandirian Dan Kesejahteraan Difabel )

Published: 3 Jul 2017.
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Indonesia is a country where every law that citizens have rights and
obligations which should be protected by law. A right is something that is inherent
to the human being, not only a perfect man but also inherent to the human being
less than perfect (disabled). This needed protection which guaranted the rights of
the disabled to realize equality, independence and disabled priority in Klaten
Regional Regulation of Klaten Regency no. 2 of 2011 on Equality,
Independence, and Disabled Prosperity as the basic of law about education,
health, employee, social-politics, economy, and culture for the better future of
disabled in Klaten Regency. This study discuss about the policy study to analyze
how Klaten Regency Government actualize the regional regulation by qualitative
descriptive methode. This study was held in Klaten Regency, Central Java. By
data collection of interview and documents.
Researcher found in Regional Regulation of Klaten Regency no. 2 of 2011
on Equality, Independence, and Disabled Prosperity about policy implementation
variabels that influence the implementation performance of Klaten Regency
Government effort to create equality and disabled prosperity. At this study,
Paguyuban Penyandang Cacat Klaten (PPCK) were been the mediator to regional
regulation implementation. Factors restricting the research is not yet evenly
socialization of local regulations to the disabled and limited budgets in support of
implementation of the change. Recommendations of the researcher is to saw the
financial resources and cooperation between the various parties to support the
implementation of local regulations and thorough socialization from Government
to society in order to identify their contents nor diffable of regional regulations
and created a good relationship between the Government with the disabled.
Keywords: Disabled, Implementation, Klaten

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