EVALUASI PENCAPAIAN MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS BIDANG KESEHATAN DI KABUPATEN PATI TAHUN 2011 ( Achievement Evaluation Of Health Programs Millennium Development Goals In Pati Regency 2011)

Published: 4 Jan 2013.
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Health is an important part of human life. Because if people are not healthy, will not be
able to move and greatly affect their performance. Unhealthy conditions can be caused
by various diseases spread by viruses or bacteria. According to WHO data, there are
more than 10 kinds of harmful and deadly diseasesin the world. Some of them are quite
dangerous because the disease can be fatal for the sufferer, such as HIV / AIDS,
malaria, dengue, and tuberculosis. The declining health of the world, raising awareness
from United Nations to achieve millennium development goals. Most of them are
committed to improving the health of people in the world that improve maternal and
child health, and reduce the spread of infectious diseases.
Key words: Health, Various Diseases, Millenium Development Goals.
Keywords: Health; Various Diseases; Millenium Development Goals

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