Published: 23 Mar 2016.
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Analysis problematics of illegal practice in Tanah Abang Market Central Jakarta has a
purpose to find out why the practice of illegal parking in Tanah Abang Market could persist
until today, when it was often obtain enforcement of formal institutions that deal with these
illegal parking. Another aim is to determine wheter there is a local strongman in the illegal
parkirng so that activities can continue and secure until today.
Methods of execution in this research use qualitative descriptive research with primary data
types are the words and actions. Sources of data obtained derived from primary and
secondary data. To search for informants in this study is conducted with a purposive sample
(making intentional) and accidental sampling (sampling by accident when he met at the study
site). Techniques for collecting data using interview, observation and documents.
The practice of illegal parking in Tanah Abang Market is one of the problems that have been
around a long time in this area. Illegal parking is the case in areas that already have a ban on
parking. Illegal parking makes the area more often jammed, irregular, and rundown. Various
policies have been issued by Department of Transportation and Transport Jakarta in dealing
with this case, but still no result has yet effective way to reduce this illegal parking. Dept of
Transportation and Transport Central Jakarta City Administration has also done various ways
and methods to combat this illegall parking. The result are still the same and there has been
no change that we can see. Illegal parking practices are able to continue to survive and carry
out daily activities. This activitiy is certainly a negative impact on the face of Jakarta as the
capital city of Indonesia.
Keywords :Analysis, Illegal Parking Practice, and Tanah Abang Market

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