Evaluasi Kebijakan Reklamasi Pantai Marina di Kota Semarang

Published: 30 Dec 2015.
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Semarang city having broad areas 373,70 kilometers2 .With long coastline
which reached 13.6 kilometers, Therefore coastal areas in the city of
semarang very has the potential to areas in additional or reclaimed that in
doing in marina beach .In accordance with regional regulation which prevail
at that number 8 years 2004 about layout of semarang city , marina area that
will be reclaimed are allocated for the area building that support function
housing .To education for example , sports , health and recreation .So , aimed
as the area that support the common interests .
The purpose of this research is to give evaluation or an assessment of policy
the purpose of reclaiming the marina beach which accounted for target , a
period of time the implementation of the , a budget and assessing how output
and outcome of these policies reclaiming the extent that was already carried
out .
This research writer do research evaluation with the qualitative method. The
data collected directly from the or source that deals with this research,
obtained through direct interview with respondents.The interviews
conducted with a decisive manner of key person. Informants selected can
provide information that is relevant by research this is the associated with
the policy of reklamsi the coast of semarang, among others of bapeda,
environmental board, of the city of semarang agency, works agency umun or
bina marga, department of water resources management, among college
competent and community figures.
Based on the research done reclamation are believed to have match to be the
solution the availability of land occupancy .This is supported to the city
semarang having long coastlines reached 13.6 kilometers , therefore coastal
areas within the city of semarang potential to addition areas or reclaimed .
Recommendations policy the planned reclamation, marina this is still feasible
to continue with a need of a revision of agreement policy itself , as a period of
time the implementation of the 75 year , and area on the agreement of 200ha ,
or result reclamation , should be used for development tourism , industry and
public facilities as the residential focus in the the city of semarang still a
sparse population .
Keywords: evaluation , policy , reclamation

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