Swastiko Hendy Aryandhanu, Yuli Adi Setyawan, Epf Eko Yulipriyono, Wayudi Kushardjoko


Semarang city has a role as a place of transit point for heavy vehicles which transport logistics to rest because it is in the middle of the roads Pantura Java. Perintis Kemerdekaan road located in the south of Semarang is artery road primary so that all types of many vehicles from the middle roads passing through the road with high speed. The conditions of Perintis Kemerdekaan road in the form of uphill and downhill that sharp enough between 4 % until 7.7 % as long as 2 kilometers. At the end of a downhill, truck must stop on Karangrejo signal intersection. The driver of a heavy vehicles had difficulty in passing downhill of Perintis Kemerdekaan road so many accident happens because the brake failure. Study of this research is analyzing the performance of heavy vehicles passing through on downhill in Perintis Kemerdekaan road. Methods used in research is to do a survey of travel time to get spot speed in each type of the truck and the speed of change when passing through the downhill. The result of the analysis used to calculate the rate of deceleration and braking distance required in each type of truck. The result shows that decelaration the highest occurred for three research locations, for truck with machine capacity 100-130 HP is 2,337 m/s2. While for truck with machine capacity 190-225 HP, the highest average decelaration happened is 2,059 m/s2. The deceleration on both kind of truck it is still under the deceleration maximum allowed is 3,41 m/s2 as the maximum limit of the brake. The braking distance is required so that truck capable of being stopped in Karangrejo intersection, for truck with with machine capacity 100-130 HP along 94,884 meters. While for truck with machine capacity 190-225 HP, the braking distance necessary along 87,900 meters. While the distance existing from the line stopping of signal intersection up to a start braking point on the final slope as long as 250-300 meters.


road; downhill; truck; deceleration; braking distance

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