*Riza Fakhri Lupiko  -  , Indonesia
Handoyo Djoko Waloejo  -  , Indonesia
Received: 20 Sep 2018; Published: 20 Sep 2018.
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The means of transportation in the present day is an important need for human.Untuk support human mobility of today is high then the necessary means of efficient and adequate transportation. This is supported by the desire of people to have a cheap means of transportation, lively, and economical. In addition, it can accommodate daily activities. In particular, this study discusses the purchase of Honda Supra X 125 CW Astra Motor Siliwangi motorcycle.The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of product and price innovation on the purchase decision of Honda Supra X 125 CW motorcycle. This type of research uses quantitative methods with research type eksplanatory research, with data collection techniques through questionnaires. The population in this research are buyers and users of Honda Supra X 125 CW Astra Motor Siliwangi with the number of samples taken is 95 respondents by Slovin method. Sampling using purposive sampling technique. Analytical methods used are validity test, reliability test, classical assumption test, correlation test, determination test, simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, t test, and F test. In this research is assisted by computer program to process data that is SPSS.Based on the results of the study note that partially, product innovation and price have a strong relationship strong enough to the purchase decision. This is indicated by the results of multiple correlation coefficient test of 0.490. Significantly, the variables of product innovation and price have a positive effect indicated by the value of F arithmetic bigger than F table that is equal to 15,291> 3,952.Suggestions that can be given are PT. Astra Honda Motor should make changes to the body of Honda Supra X 125 motorcycle to look fresh and keep up with the times. Also consider the price to be more affordable or at the same price with the addition of features and technology on the Honda Supra X 125.

Keywords: Marketing, Product Innovation, Price, Purchase Decision

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