Analysis of Genetic Gain Tilapia Fish Kunti F5 (Oreochromis niloticus) at Nursery I – III

Khoirul Anwar


The objectives of this research were to determine the genetic gain value of Tilapia Kunti F5 fry and to compare the growth between the fry of best 10 % (Top 10) of  Tilapia Kunti F5 and the average Tilapia Kunti F5 (without selection). This study was done at Satker PBIAT (Centre of Fresh Water Fish Culture Working Unit) Janti Klaten. The  fries was kept in a happa (net cage) at the size of 4x2x1 m3 from nursery I-III. The stocking density was 500 fries/cage at first research. The results of this investigation shows that the weight genetic gain of Tilapian Pandu F5 at nursery I-III was at the range of 50,42% - 72,65%. It was also shown that the best 10 %  selection (Top 10) Tilapia Kunti F5 fries growth better than the average Tilapia Kunti F5 fries without selection.



Genetic Gain; Tilapia Kunti F5; Growth, individual selection.

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