Efektivitas Strategi komunikasi Komunitas Hijabers Semarang Terhadap Sikap Mahasiswi Fisip Undip Untuk Menggunakan Jilbab

Rizka Devi Kusumawardhani


Today many emerging communities - communities of headscarves in Indonesia, including in the
city of Semarang. The community came from a group of veiled women who have a movement
that took its people, especially Muslim women not wear veils to wear veils. This community was
named Community Hijabers Semarang. Establish a community vision is a community that will
accommodate activities associated with the veil and Muslim women. From fashion, hijab style
and everything that would make the Muslim a better. And it is hoped through this community,
every Muslim can meet new friends, get to know each other and learn from one another.
Theory used in this study using the Theory of Persuasion and social influence, which explains
how the effort made to persuade the audience to learn a new information, changing emotions,
and to act in such a way. This study used a questionnaire as an instrument of data collection and
study of literature to obtain additional information related to this research. Target population is
students Fisip Undip and sampled proportionally as much as 78 random sampling of respondents.
The analysis used is a simple linear regression analysts.
This study found that there is a relationship between communication strategy Community
Hijabers student attitudes to wear veils. The more effective communication strategy undertaken
Hijabers Community will increasingly affect the attitude of students to wear veils. Based on the
calculation of statistical tests conducted found the coefficients, the greater the value of
significance is 0.000 with a correlation constant of 0.628 and 18.578 states that if no variable X
then the variable Y is 18.578. Regression coefficient of 0.421 X variable Y variable will increase
by 0.421. Ketetentuan accepted or rejected the hypothesis testing is to see the significance. so
that it can be said of variables influence the effectiveness of communication strategies on student
attitudes (Y) is significant at the 95% confidence level. Figures adjusted R Squere is 0.394
means 39.4% in student attitudes can be explained by variebel effectiveness of communication
strategies. So it can be concluded if the student Fisip Undip require a more attractive strategy in
every activity undertaken Hijabers Community Semarang. 


Strategic Communication, Semarang Hijabers Community

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