Bizanti Ayuri Ganis Daulay, Hapsari Dwiningtyas Sulistyani


Comics that were originally published conventionally, are now published
via the internet, known as Webtoon. Webtoon developed in line with the rapid
development of internet content. In the media, it is seen that sexualization is not
only applied to female, but has also been applied to male, especially the media
that based on female demographics.
The Eggnoid, a female demographic based webtoon, shows its own mechanism of
male sexualisation.
The objective of this study is to identify and analyze how the mechanism
of male sexualisation in Eggnoid carried out through visual-image construction of
male protagonist characters and power dynamic between male and female
protagonist characters. This study uses a qualitative approach by using the
semiotic-analysis of Charles S. Peirce, emphasizes the semiotic analysis of signs,
which divided into three areas; the icon, the index and the symbol. This study is
also supported by the APA's sexualisation theory, the Scott McCloud's comic
theory, and the theory of power by Fred Luthans.
The results show that Webtoon Eggnoid presents the mechanism of male
sexualisation, from its beautifully face drawing, larger eyes and soft, the athletic
body shape of male protagonist, the bright skin coloring techniques with halo or
flower backgrounds that give a dreamy effect. In other words, Eggnoid shows the
male protagonist picture has been designed intentionally based on female beauty
standards. Eggnoid shows the power dynamics between male and female
protagonists, starting from season one, two and three. The female protagonist
shows a dominant role than the male protagonist initially, but in season three, the
male protagonist is started to play a dominant role, by presenting his maturity of
thinking and taking initiatives when interacting with female protagonist. Although
male protagonist appears to be more dominant, Eggnoid points out that female
protagonist is still hold real power. It is reflected by the intention of male
protagonists who behave to meet only the interests of female protagonist.


Webtoon, Eggnoid, Male Sexualization

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