Penentuan Resiko Dan Kerentanan Tsunami Di Kebumen Dengan Citra Alos

Faiz Islam, Sawitri Subiyanto, L. M. Sabri


Indonesia is the country that has the potential for major natural disasters due to a ring of fire around . One of the risk is tsunami . Kebumen is a district in Central Java has the potential to be exposed to the risk of a tsunami . Kebumen geographically located at 7 ° 27 ' - 7 ° 50 ' south latitude and 109 ° 22 ' - 109 ° 50 ' which has 35 km along the southern coast . Prevention needs to be a systematic way of determining the risks and vulnerabilities to prevent the disaster victims .

The method used in this study is the determination of risk is the Run - Up Regulation of the Minister of Public Works No.06/PRT/M/2009 . In addition to satellite imagery used is the image of ALOS ( Advanced Land Observing Satellite ) is from Japan . Vulnerability parameters to be obtained in the form Slope , population density , distance from the coast .

Vulnerability of the parameters obtained will be weighted by Pairwise Comparison method . After that it will be overlay by risk . Then formed Vulnerability and Risk maps Kebumen tsunami . Then formed Vulnerability and Risk Tsunami in Kebumen . From result that area in kebumen have impact with tsunami for elevation run-up 0-16 m is 44,16%, then area save from tsunami is 56,484%. Mirit, Ambal, Buluspesantren, Kuwarasan and Ayah is districk with more risk than any other  area.

Keywords : Kebumen, , Run-Up, Tsunami, Vulnerability, risks

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