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Regression analysis is a statistical method that is widely used in research. In general, the regression analysis is the study of the relationship of one or more independent variables with the dependent variable. In analyze the functional relationship between X as the independent variables and Y as the dependent variable, there may be a linear relationship is different for each interval X. If the regression of X on Y has a linear relationship on the certain of the interval of X, but also has a distinct linear relationship at another interval of X, so the use of piecewise linear regression is appropriate in this case. Piecewise linear regression is a method in regression analysis that divided the independent variable into several segments based on a particular value called the X-knots, and in each segment of the data contained linear regression model. X-knot is a value on the independent variable, where X is the current value of the X-knots, it will form a linear regression equation of the line that is different than the current value of X is under X-knots. Piecewise linear regression can be applied in many fields, one of them in the waters of the analysis regarding the influence of river discharge on the basis of the number of transport sediman. By comparison MSE simple linear regression and multiple linear piecewise two segments, the result that the two segments piecewise linear regression is a model that describes the influence of river discharge on the basis of the number of bedload transport
Keywords: two-segment piecewise linear regression, X-knots, discharge, bedload transport

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