PERAN KEPEMIMPINAN BATAK (Studi Eksplorasi pada Ganesha Operation Medan)

Manganjur Marudut Sidabutar, Fuad Mas’ud


This study aimed to know the role of Batak leadership style in the  company, which was

lead by Batak’s leader. The purpose of this research was to know the understanding and view of the owner of the company to Batak’s leadership. Starts from identifying leader and employee perception on the practice leadership based on the values in the Batak’s culture.Batak’s culture which was the root of the Batak society, had essential part in the character building of the leader in Indonesia. The practice leadership based on the value in the Bataks culture become an integral part in the Bataks leadership practice in company.This study uses qualitative methods in which data collection was the role of Bataks leadership. The sample in this study were workers who have work experience of minimal 5 years at Ganesha Operation Medan. Results obtained from this study states that of the three elements of Bataks culture those are somba Marula-ula, Elek Marboru and Manat Mardongan Tubu already   reflects   the   role   of   Bataks   culture   in   the Ganesha Operation Medan


Qualitative, Batak’s Culture, Values Batak’s Leadership, The Role of Batak’s Leadership

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