Pengaruh Pertukaran Pemimpin-Anggota (LMX) Terhadap Kinerja Karyawan Dengan Kepuasan Kerja Dan Keterlibatan Karyawan Sebagai Variabel Mediasi (Studi Pada Hotel Bahari Inn Tegal

Dian Kartika, Suharnomo Suharnomo


The aim of tthis study is to determine the influence of the Leader Member Exchange (LMX) mediated job satisfaction and employee engagement on employee performance. Total sample sets of this research are 105 respondents by using the survey method. Furthermore from the collecting data I used questionnaires (as the main instrument), interviews, and literature. Moreover for data processing techniques this research used PLS (Partial Least Squer). The inside PLS steps are: specification models (outer and inner models model) and evaluation models (outer and inner models model).

The results of the analysis using the PLS showed that: 1) LMX directly related and positive impact on employee engagement, 2) LMX directly related and positive impact on job satisfaction, 3) Involvement of employees deal directly and positively on employee performance, 4) Job satisfaction relates directly and positively to employee performance, 5) LMX indirect effect on employee performance, LMX will be affected imediately if mediated by job satisfaction and employee performance.


Leader Member Exchange (LMX), job satisfaction, employee engagement, employee performance

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