PENGARUH KEUNGGULAN BERSAING MELALUI KINERJA BISNIS (Studi Kasus Warung Makan Di Wilayah Tlogosari Semarang)

*Gilang Prasidya Jati Prasidya Jati  -  Jurusan ManajemenFakultas Ekonomika dan Bisnis Universitas Diponegoro
Sugiarto Sugiarto  -  Jurusan ManajemenFakultas Ekonomika dan Bisnis Universitas Diponegoro
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This research was conducted at the Public Eating In Semarang Tlogosari Regional Culinary Center . Data revenue at a food stall in 2013-2014 showed that the decrease in total revenues despite consumer food stalls Tlogosari Region increase every year . This study aimed to analyze whether there is connection between the diversity of products , quality products with business performance at a food stall in the area Tlogosari Semarang , and whether business performance diner Tlogosari Semarang can affect the competitive advantage of the food stalls in the area Tlogosari itself .

               The research sample 70 , the types and sources of data from the owner of the diner , method of data collection questionnaire distributed to respondents , as well as the methods of analysis used in this study multiple linear regression method .

            The results of this study , the effect of product diversity and quality of the products on competitive advantage that impact on business performance in the diner at the Culinary Center in Region Tlogosari . And advice in this research is variable product quality and product diversity is a good variable to increase competitive advantage .

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