Riris Trima Derita Sari, Kusworo Adi, Choirul Anam


The research has been done to the measurement and calculation of phantom volume of computed tomography (CT) Scan image. The aim of the study is to calculate the phantom volume based on CT Scan image analysis and find out the relationship between phantom volume and the variation of phantom position towards central ray. The calculation was done by using trapezoid integration method. The study used 130 kV, 93 mAs tube current, and 8 mm slice thickness. The resulting image is converted from gray scale image into a binary image. Then the surface area of the phantom was calculated. After getting the phantom surface area so that the volume of the phantom can be calculated. The calculation result shows that the phantom volume based on CT Scan image with perpendicular phantom, 30 mm to-the-left movement, 50 mm to-the-right movement towards central ray is 11160708 mm3, 11148172 mm3, and 11149136 mm3. The phantom volume based on CT Scan image with the least error percentage when phantom position is perpendicular towards central ray is 3,63%. 30 mm to-the-left and 50 mm to-the-right movement of phantom shows greater error percentage compared with perpendicular phantom towards central ray. The error percentage is from 3,74 % and 3,73 %. Phantom volume calculation is more accurate if phantom is perpendicular towards central ray.


Keywords: volume, phantom, image, calculation, central ray

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