Produksi gas hydrogen menggunakan metode elektrolisis dari elektrolit air dan air laut dengan penambahan katalis NaOH

Yoyon Wahyono, Heri Sutanto, Eko Hidayanto


This study deals with the production of hydrogen gas (H2) using electrolysis method. H2 gas is a source of Renewable Energy (EBT).This research was conducted to determine the amount of concentration (ppm) and purity (% vol) of H2 gasses produced by electrolysis method. The purify and concentration of H2 gasses was determined using gas analyzer and MQ sensor 8 respectively. The results showed that the production of H2 gas with the highest concentration was obtained in aqueous electrolysis DM + NaCl + NaOH with a 12 volt voltage 4500 ppm. Production of H2 gas in aqua DM electrolysis, aqua DM + NaCl, and aqua DM + NaOH no detectable pollutant gas such as CO, CO2, HC, NO.

Keywords: Electrolysis, Energy, Hydrogen gas, Catalyst.


Electrolysis, Energy, Hydrogen gas, Catalyst

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