Dedi Dedi, Arya Rezagama, Adi Jatmiko


Population growth resulted in an increase to the amount of waste entering the landfill Jatibarang. The existence of the current landfill impact on the surrounding communities. The government made plans to redesign the landfill Jatibarang optimize the function of the landfill so that the impact of losses can also be reduced. Therefore, this study aims to determine the public perception of the impact of the benefits and disadvantages, knowing the economic valuation of the impact of economic and engineering analyzes of landfill Jatibarang redesign. The method used in this research is descriptive analysis to determine public perception, methods of productivity and enjoyment value method (Hedonic Pricing) for the analysis of economic valuation and economic analysis techniques for using the Net Present Value (NPV), Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR), Profitability Index (PI), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Payack Period (PP) and sensitivity Analysis. From this research, the public perception of the existence of good landfill.Visible-majority vote of the respondents to assess the environmental hygiene of 72% normal. For the assessment of the existence of the landfill Jatibarang respondents most ordinary judge by 77% because people are not bothered by the presence of TPA. While the respondents' assessment of the management of waste in the landfill Jatibarang majority judge fairly well with a percentage of 56%. Of the overall benefit of the public felt about the landfill Jatibarang are the benefits income of scavengers Rp 5.41905 billion / year. As for the value Hedonist that affect the price of land is the land distance factor to landfill and land status. Economic analysis of alternative techniques for redesigning both TPA Jatibarang only 2 alternatives that meet and feasible.With NPV of 41,922,521,630 (NPV> 0), BCR 1.183653985 (BCR> 1), IRR 25.04% (IRR> discount rste), payback period of 6.96 years and a PI of 75.98404821% (PI <100%). To test the sensitivity of the pessimistic conditions only two alternatives are still not feasible.


Landfill Jatibarang, Valuation Economic Impact, Economic Engineering

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