Amalia Fahriatur Rahmah, Syafrudin Syafrudin, Wiharyanto Oktiawan


In a metropolitan city such as Semarang Timur Sub-District, Semarang City, solid waste management is huge and serious problem. The new paradigm in waste management has to  implement the 3R concept, by recovering waste from the source to the end of process in the landfill. Thus, management solid waste in Semarang Timur Sub-District is developed. Before designing, analysis of existing condition are needed to determine waste generation and service rate management with SNI 19-2454-2002. The design stage starts from  preparation, then calculate the number of equipment and cost to manage solid waste with SNI 19-2454-2002 and SNI 3242-2008. Existing condition refers to solid waste management is low about 57,82%, waste generation in volume and weight are 3,02 l/person/day and 0,41 kg/person/day. Waste composition in Semarang Timur Sub-District is devided to organic and anorganic. Organic waste with the volume is 32,51%, and anorganic waste composed by 24,07% paper, 29,98% plastic, 0,49% metal, 5,46% glass, 0,75% wood, and 4,73% bottle. Waste management plan involves optimization of UPTD of DKP, law enforcement (Perda No. 6/2012), and increae of public participation to apply 3R. Operational subsystems that will be applied in Semarang Timur Sub-District consist of separation from the source, individual indirect collecting system with transfer station in a village and individual direct collecting system applied in street sweeping. The result of the planning is increasing the number of service rate and percentage of recovery with 3R are 80,16% and 27,46%. Equipment plan are separated bin (40 liter and 110 liter), collection vehicles (820 liter), transfer station with 3R and non 3R, collection vehicles with hauled container (armroll  6 m3) and stationery container (pick up 2,5 m3).  Total cost management and retribution are  Rp.. 7,241,744,260.50 and Rp.  5.500-262.500.


Solid Waste Management, 3R Concept

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