Kajian Penilaian Kualitas Air Sungai Dalam Upaya Pengendalian Pencemaran Air Sungai (Studi Kasus: Kali Banger – Semarang Timur)

Tia Maulida Nurbaiti, Sudarno Sudarno, Titik Istirokhatun


Banger River is one of macro-drainage system with a total length of 6,256 kilometers and 524,46 Ha. During this time Banger received numerous exiles waste from 10 villages which it passes in sub-district Semarang East. Along with the rising numbers of inhabitants it is possible to load any pollution will be higher. This research was conducted to find out the current water quality assessment and pollution control efforts in the days come. Water quality assessment of Banger River done using methods of NSF-IKA, the results show Segment 1, 3 getting category are blackened, and Segment 2,4 are filthy nasty. Settlement activity is providing input to the highest organic pollution load of Banger River. SWOT analysis showed the weakness of internal factors and the number of threats from external factors in Banger River so that it needs endure strategy for controlling pollution that occurred while continuous trying to.


Banger River, Water Quality Assessment, NSF-IKA, SWOT

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