Pengaruh Penambahan Extracellulary Polymeric Substance (EPS) sebagai Emulsifier dan Biostimulan terhadap Laju Degradasi Minyak IPAL PT. Indofood CBP

Michael Dwi Octavian, Junaidi Junaidi, Titik Istirokhatun



Used oil is a waste which is difficult to degrade. Waste oil needs to be managed properly in order to avoid negative effects on the society and environment. Therefore a research should be conducted to study a utilization of waste oil using bioremediation method so that the waste oil could be recycled. In this bioremediation process, EPS (Extracellular Polymeric Substances) will be act as a biostimulant so that the waste oil could be emulsified and degraded. The EPS is created by extraction using heating and centrifugation methods, while the bioremediation experiment is held using batch system. The highest oil removal efficiency is equal to 70 %, which is attained with 450 mg of EPS DW additives for 300 ml of waste oil.


bioremediation, EPS, cooking oil

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