Pembuatan Nanozeolit dari Zeolit Alam Secara Top Down Menggunakan High Energy Milling dan Aplikasinya untuk Penyerapan Ion Fe 3+

Lilis Agusetiani


Has done research on facbrication nanozeolites from natural zeolite in top down use
high energy milling and its application to adsorption Fe
Ions. The objective of this research
is to fabrication nanozeolites from natural zeolite  in top down using high-energy milling and
determine  levels of Fe
ions that can be adsorbed by the zeolite usual and zeolite nano. The
method  used  in  this  research  for  the  fabrication  nanozeolites  from  natural  zeolites  in  top
down using high energy milling. Natural zeolites are sieved using a 225 mesh sieve and then
milling  with  high  energy  milling  with  rotational  speed  of  1000  rpm  for  6  hours.  Natural
zeolites product milling were activated by HF 1% and NH4Cl 2M. The results of research on
natural zeolite pass 225 mesh  sieve, natural zeolite after milling, and natural zeolite milling
activation characterized using SEM and   BET  that  indicates  the size of surface morphology
with specific surface of 125-250 nm, 75-100 nm, 50-75 nm and 33.997 cm3
/g, 29.399  cm3
and  86.322  cm3
/g,  respectively. Concentration  Fe
ions was  analyzed  using AAS with  an
optimum  time  of  each  45 minutes,  15 minutes,  and  150 minutes with  the  concentration  of
ions are adsorbed were164.98 ppm, 168.65 ppm, and 146.52 ppm


Zeolite, Adsorption, Fe 3+ ions

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