Published: 17 Jan 2014.
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The design of the experiment is a test or series of tests, using both descriptive statistics and inferential statistics that aims to transform the input variables into an output which is the response of the experiment. The Graeco Latin Square Design was built to control the diversity of component units of local control experiment of three is a row, column, and Greek letters. Terms the Graeco Latin Square Design is if the rows, columns, Latin letters, and Greek letters have the same level and each Greek letter appears only once in each row, column, and Latin letter. The steps in the analysis of the test Graeco Latin Square Design to test the normality of the error, homogeneity of variance test, determine the degrees of freedom, calculating Sum of Squares and Mean Square every factor. Next calculate the value of F for test row, column, treatments Latin letter, and treatment of Greek letters, draw up a table of variance analysis, and conclude whether there is any effect on the response variance of each source. If there is impact, it is necessary to further test using the Duncan test
Keywords: experimental design; square; latin; graeco; rows; columns; greek letter

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