Husnul Finisa, Tatik Widiharih, Moch. Abdul Mukid


Lipstick is a cosmetic usually worn by women to improve appearance with apply to the lips. The interest on lipstick among student at indonesia based on the various brands lipstick of national and international land of selling in indonesia. Based on this condition , it takes a method that can evaluate most favorite brand lipstick according to college student .  The method applied to choose most favorite brand lipstick are Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) and Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS). Both this method can do the decision to establish an alternative best of a number of alternatives based on a number of certain criteria in overcoming Multi Attribute Decision Making (MADM), The concept of SAW is looking for a sum of the weighted performance rating for each alternative in all criteria. While TOPSIS using the principle that alternative chosen should have the shortest distance of a solution ideal positive and farthest of a solution ideal negative. There are 10 alternative brand lipstick and 10 criteria, the criterias are the price, color, form, packaging, resilience, pigmentation, texture, scent, the availability of code expired lipstick. The result of the research indicated that to the SAW method most favorite  brand lipstick is of NYX and to the TOPSIS method most favorite brand lipstick is Wardah. The research also produce an application programming GUI Matlab that can help users in process data uses the method saw and topsis for an election most favorite brand lipstick.

Keywords : GUI,  Lipstick, MADM, SAW, TOPSIS

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